In this old Steve Jobs interview below, the Apple Founder discusses why product people should get promoted over sales & marketing people.  Although he has passed away, his technology and vision for the future still continues running through the veins of Apple today.  It's interesting to see this vision of our future reaching its limits already with marketing companies struggling to sell technology and hardware based on speed and power alone.

As technology continues to reach its highest peaks, humans for the first time are struggling to understand how performance of our most used machinations also have their own limits on the ways we can improve them and thus, sell these concepts to the modern society.

Maintaining a focus on quality products and experience continues to be a vision at Apple which seems to be losing its balance without the vision necessary to propel it past the lackluster updates running the Apple show today.

While this doesn't mean the company will fail on hitting the mark in the future, what this does signal is the unending struggle between people and the ultimate limits placed within the digital age.

You can watch the full interview in the first video below along with his speech made in 2005 in the second post. In the third video, an update to the Apple campus is shown with much of the structure completed along with solar panels being outfitted onto its roof in glorious 4K resolution available.

"Creativity is just connecting things." -Steve Jobs