Never been done before, a new transparent solar cell was recently developed by researchers at a Silicon Valley startup named Ubiquitous Energy. This innovative technology could greatly expand the capabilities of solar power and allow more practical ways of generating power in homes and even skyscrapers.

The invisible film can be applied to any surface and generate power which may lead to smartphones and tablets that can last forever without charging.  Once thought impossible due to its transparent nature, the design uses photo-active materials which allow visible light to pass through while harvesting non-visible wavelengths of UV and infrared light.

With traditional photo-voltaic solar cells, 33% of the energy from light is converted to energy while transparent solar cells can only harvest 22%.  Despite the lower percentage, the wider-range of versatility will allow these cells to produce energy in places which were never possible before. You can learn about these transparent solar cells in the video posted below.

"Solar power is the last energy resource that isn't owned yet - nobody taxes the sun yet."

-Bonnie Raitt