Unidentified Object over L.A. California A Missile?

Seen by many but explained by few, a mysterious object which looked similar to a comet made its mark on the sky over L.A. causing many to question what exactly was going on over their skies.

According to the U.S. Military, the event was caused by a supposed missile test, which also begs the question why they would perform this particular test out in the open.  

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Living Proof: Boy Remembers Past Life as a 1930s Movie Extra

There's no doubt children come equipped with wild imaginations, but what happens there's actual truth behind it all? That's exactly what happened when a young boy named Ryan began experiencing nightmares at the age of four.

It wasn't until he turned five that he decided to finally confront his parents about his past life which centered around being an actor and working on various movies in the 1930s.

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Nurse Shares 30 Years of Spiritual Experiences with Death

Becki Hawkins, a hospice nurse and a chaplain, is the author of "Transitions: A Nurse's Education About Life And Death". She sat by the bedside of seriously ill and terminally ill patients for more than 30 years as an oncology and hospice nurse.

During that time, she listened to patients describe various kinds of spiritual experiences, including near-death experiences.

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Sleepwalking Causes Man to Fall off 60-Foot Cliff

girl watching movie

Even though sleeping too much may be bad for you, sleep-walking takes that danger to a whole different level.  While 27-year-old Ryan Campbell was camping in Kentucky with friends, he fell asleep in a hammock not knowing of the dangers his dreams would bring.  In the morning, Campbell's friends saw him wake up and sleepwalk off a 60-foot cliff!  

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Man Speaks Entirely Different Language after Waking from Coma

Although it would be nice to wake up speaking another language fluently, sudden changes in the brain can often come with unlikely side-effects.  After a terrible car crash, Ben McMahon was stuck in a coma for a week before waking up and surprising doctors with something not typical of their patients.  In the clip, he recalls how he saw an asian nurse standing by his bed immediately after waking and said to her 'Excuse me nurse, I feel really sore here' in Chinese.

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Doctors find Cerebellum missing in 24 year-old Woman


We've all heard the phrase "have you lost your mind?" but none of us would ever expect a regular check-up to confirm it.  That's exactly what happened to a 24 year-old woman in China.  When faced with dizziness and nausea, she decided to go to the doctor to perform a CAT scan and figure out what was wrong with her.  They soon realized that her entire cerebellum was missing from her head, and the space which should have contained the tissue was filled with cerebrospinal fluid instead.

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