A rare species of cuttlefish called Metasepia pfefferi, more commonly known as the Flamboyant Cuttlefish shows off his true colors in this remarkable video from the Aquarium of the Pacific in California. This species of cuttlefish occurrs in tropical Indo-Pacific waters off northern Australia, southern New Guinea, as well as numerous islands of the Philippines, Indonesia and Malaysia. The flesh of this colorful cephalopod contains unique acids, making it unsuitable for consumption and thus, highly poisonous.

The species is active during the day and has been observed hunting fish and crustaceans. It employs complex and varied camouflage to stalk its prey. The arm tips often display bright red coloration to ward off would-be predators. Animals displaying this color pattern have been observed using their lower arms to walk or "amble" along the sea floor while rhythmically waving the wide protective membranes on their arms. This behavior advertises its poisonous nature warning predators or potential dangers to stay away.

"There are millions of animal species but man is the only animal capable of destroying them all." -Anthony Douglas Williams