In the quest for the most innovative inventions, scientists are probing all directions for ways to interact and influence the world around them.  What happens however when that drive for progression gets pushed further than one may hope to consider.  In today's media fueled chaos, it's not common to feel a bit dismayed at some of the horrible events affecting many people imprisoned by the beliefs of those around them.  

It's not often we post anything which normal TV programming considers entertainment, but this particular skit from SNL sheds a powerful light on what happens when the most intelligent minds gather to create weapons of war, and one scientist skips past the gadgets and gizmos into the basic understanding behind the desire for control.  

Sure it's adding humor to a subject which is uncomfortable to discuss, let alone understand, but perhaps that is the type of view needed to allow recognition of a growing problem within our world and awaken those with real solutions to the hidden deeds which modern society can often ignore.  Ashton Kutcher and many other stars have even created organizations which are working together with law enforcement to protect the innocent children who continue to be trafficked every day.  Entertainment or not, truth never tries to stay hidden.  

There are three videos posted, first is the skit from SNL, second discusses the conversations of Subway spokesperson Jered, and the third video shows Ashton's emotional testimony against child trafficking.