As a condition which affects over 300 million around the world, colorblindness can dramatically change how a person experiences life. To help bring hope to those unable to see in their natural state, Valspar Paint has partnered with EnChroma to help show individuals what everything really looks like to average eyes. Through their campaign #ColorForAll, Valspar provides these people with colorblindness correcting eyeglasses which enable their eyes to filter out different hues of light and view the the world in its full spectrum.

The short clip posted below shows the amazing perspective of the colorblind and their emotional experience after seeing colors for the first time. Individuals such as Keith portrayed in the video describe how "I thought I wasn't intelligent enough"- to see what everyone was talking about when people referred to colors. Obviously after putting on the glasses, many of the people were brought to tears the moment they were able see through EnChroma glasses, with some opting to not take them off.

The short documentary, Valspar 'Color for the Colorblind,' shows how much of an impact technology and innovation can help to improve the world of those unable to fully understand it while helping everyone else appreciate the wonderful gifts we all have.