Is Lead In The US Food Supply Decreasing Our IQ?

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A baby plays with blocks spelling out one of the most famous formulas in history. vchal/From

Keri Szejda, Arizona State University and Andrew Maynard, Arizona State University

The environmental advocacy group Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) on June 15 released a study about dietary lead exposure, with a focus on food intended for babies and young children.

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The World's Most Evil Invention From SNL Adds Humor To A Sad Topic

In the quest for the most innovative inventions, scientists are probing all directions for ways to interact and influence the world around them.  What happens however when that drive for progression gets pushed further than one may hope to consider.  In today's media fueled chaos, it's not common to feel a bit dismayed at some of the horrible events affecting many people imprisoned by the beliefs of those around them.  

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There's A New Generation Of Water Pollutants In Your Medicine Cabinet

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Shutterstock Lee Blaney, University of Maryland, Baltimore County

Every day we each use a variety of personal care products. We wash our hands with antibacterial soaps and clean our faces with specialty cleansers. We wash and maintain our hair with shampoo, conditioner and other hair care products. We use deodorant and perfume or cologne to smell nice. Depending on the day, we may apply sunscreen or insect repellent. The Conversation

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Japan's Gender-bending History

Genking, a male-born Japanese TV personality and ‘genderless’ pioneer. _genking_/InstagramJennifer Robertson, University of Michigan

I’m an anthropologist who grew up in Japan and has lived there, off and on, for 22 years. Yet every visit to Tokyo’s Harajuku District still surprises me. In the eye-catching styles modeled by fashion-conscious young adults, there’s a kind of street theater, with crowded alleyways serving as catwalks for teenagers peacocking colorful, inventive outfits. The Conversation

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How The US Military Is Using 'Violent, Chaotic, Beautiful' Video Games To Train Soldiers

‘Counter-Strike’ has sold over 25 million units, making it one of the most popular first-person shooters of all time.
Miyaoka Hitchcock/flickr, CC BY-NC

Scott Nicholas Romaniuk, University of Trento and Tobias Burgers, Freie Universität Berlin

Violent video games have become embedded within American culture over the past several decades and especially since 9/11. First-person shooters, in particular, have become increasingly popular. The Conversation

These games – in which players are positioned behind a gun – have turned a generation of kids into digital warriors who fight terrorists and battle alien invaders. Many play first-person shooters for pure, innocent enjoyment. Some like achieving objectives and being a part of a team. And, for others, it simply feels good to eliminate an enemy – especially someone who’s trying to harm them.

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