Very few films can capture what drives two different generations into descent or why the disconnect between ages tends to divide our youth more than unite them.

SLC Punk is a movie which may not have been very popular, but actually delivers some intelligent viewpoints and arguments concerning our culture and melds them into the perfect truth which still permeates culture today.

For those of you who haven't seen it or can't remember what the plot was about, it follows a young punk rock/anarchist by the name of "Stevo," who embarks on a journey to discover his purpose while also rebelling against what he determines to be a corrupt society full of hypocritical viewpoints and expectations. 

Coming from a wealthy background, Stevo struggles to determine his own fate while witnessing the rise and fall of many around him, lost within a game they cannot win and trapped within beliefs imposed upon them by societal norms. 

While much of the context and script is comedic in nature, it focuses hard truths onto the world around him as it shapes his calling into rebelling against a system he hates so much.

With his best friend Bob, he is hovers back and forth from a supposed perfect path laid out for him in Harvard Law by his parents and finally acknowledging his powerlessness in the many masks worn in his time.

If you haven't seen the movie, the clip posted below won't give any major spoilers which ruin the plot, but we definitely want to encourage you to watch full movie if possible.

The last clip is a bonus from Portlandia, and while it's not from SLC Punk, it hits quite a few similar points pertaining to the corporate ethos and what many are still trying to break free from to this day.